Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Married to the Most Official.....BUNDY'S!

Yes folks Married With Children is what's going down on my television!
I can't get enough of the classic happy family! lol!
Peggy and Kelly were full of grace and style! Al was the best father and husband! Bud was such the gentleman and respectful of women! Dontcha think?....riiiiggghhhhtttt!

My official Bundy of choice... Kelly Bundy! Kelly embodied all the bad girl sass that I wished to have once I got to middle school!
Kelly had all the style that my dad would hoot'n'holler at the tv about but would kill me over if I ever did it!

After looking at my new fashion magazines and surfing some fashion sites/blogs/online stores i realized Kellz is still a style icon! Miss Bundy's acid wasked denim, over sized tanks, wide belts, chain accessories, heels, leggings, mini skirts, and sex appeal still have an ever present relevance even in 2009! And I'm still loving it NOW just as much as I did THEN!

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