Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Well, Hello Hello Hello... Kitty!

As a child I was a fan of Hello Kitty.  I remember having a coin purse, wallet, and t-shirt... which I still have by the way! I always kept the memory of Kitty and her twin sister Mimi and boyfriend Daniel close to my heart.  But over the years they faded out of the toy lime-light.  Then suddenly I graduated from high school and she, with all her friends and then some came back bigger and better. Hello Kitty had grown up with me.  She wasn't a kitten but a teen-age cat!  She had make up and HAIR! Yes, Hello Kitty had HAIR... it was pink but she had it!  I would run to Club Sanrio  and buy all that I could while visiting my mum.  I loved that I could find toasters, waffle irons, alarm clocks, and Swarovski Crystal covered jewelry! Four years ago I calmed my pockets and wallet after endless spending.  However, I still kept/keep a watchful eye for Sanrio's next move w/ Hello Kitty.  Well all that waiting has finally paid off! 

M.A.C. Cosmetics is my ultimate and favorite line in the cosmetics game.  They have blessed us with amazing collaborations before: Heatherette, Barbie, FaFi, and recently Dame Edna. 
In February the M.A.C. X Hello Kitty collab will be released online and in stores in February.

I am very happy about this because hopefully its right before Valentine's Day!  Last year I got the complete FaFi set for V-Day!  Well at least now my fiance's pockets will be drained by the one and only 'Kitty' instead of mine. LOL!

I have also been peeking at a couple other Hello Kitty items on line.
What do you think? Should I engage or just look at them online?

I Found It...I'm Reading It

While I have never been reader of Found Magazine, I am an ultimate fan of the book(s).
For Christmas I received Found: The Best Lost, Tossed, And Forgotten Items From Around the World.

I just actually sat down and started really getting into about 2 weeks ago. It is hilarious, sad, shocking, disturbing, and sometimes freakishly familiar to my own thoughts, notes, and letters.
The book kind of reminds me of those anonymous Secrettweets and it keeps me wanting to read more.  I also like that there is a contents page that breaks the 'found' items down by state.  LOL! I read the ones from my state and pretend they once belonged to people that I know.  More times than not, they actually fit quite perfectly! Scary! 
Click here to see the Item of the Day and have a good laugh.

My new favorite thing

Oh! What do we have here? I believe they're called Droplets and I believe they are my new favorite thing from Kidrobot. Alien teardrops that can be flipped upside down for two different looks?! It's like a 2 for 1! The best yet!

Dunny Dunny Dunny

My fiance has been a 'life' long collecter of the Dunny.  I have a few that I have stolen from his collection. I dont like the mystery of not knowing which one is in the box! Especially when I see 2-3 on the box that I really want, I let him buy and I swipe the ones I like.  He hates it! I love it! But I picked one up for him from Urban Outfitters...hopefully its the 'one' that I want. If not he'll just have to go out and buy me him another one.
But I digress.
So what I was supposed to be saying was that there is a new series out now: Ye Olde English Dunny Series.  They look pretty fun and some make me laugh like the British Guard and his furry lil hat w/ the ears sticking out! Classic!
You can cop your own at and read up on some other cool vinyl toys.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I am a crying mess of happiness! The 2009 Inauguration just ended and I am sooo overjoyed and I am just excited for the Obama Family! His speech was amazing and his daughters are too cute! 
We as a nation got him this far, voted in, now as a nation let us be patient and let him take US the rest of the way! I LOVE YOU AMERICA! You, we, all did a good thing November 4th, 2008!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Get Punk'd! AFRO Punk'd...(No Ashton Needed!)

Okay so Afro Punk isn't anything new but I just wanted to put the bug in your ear about it.
Some friends and I were discussing it and how we appreciate/d the message and story James Spooner, creator of documentary, was getting out to the viewers. 
It feels good to see a visual depiction of what I, and some others I know have been feeling since highschool! Give it a glance! Educate, rock out, laugh, feel enlightened when you're done!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009 Flaunt your style,hobbies,music,...YOU!

ConqreteQueen by libelove

There is this cool site called
The site lets you create collages that fit your personality and create images for you to keep or share. Your collages can be simple or decked out with detail. Go give it a whirl! Its something fun to pass the time alone or an activity to share with your friends. Have fun! I did!

The Diva Delivered: AmandaDiva Gave Ya Girl a Shout-Out!

Holla! I'm taking this moment to give much thanks to the Diva herself, AmandaDiva!
I went to check my gmail account and I had a surprise waiting for me!
AmandaDiva sent out a Tweet calling all those H.B.I.C. that were running their own game(s) and would like a shout out to help promote their sites, blogs, biz, etc.! 
Well, she kept to her word and VOILA you have TheConqreteQueen's shout-out!  
The Diva is definitely good in my book. Show her some love and support too!
Hope you ladies enjoy!  I know I sure do! - Amanda Diva

Here is a little blurb from the Diva's Team:
Amanda Diva is currently working on a new mixtape, titled Spandex, Rhymes & Soul, set for release March 3rd, featuring original production by Chuck Inglish (of The Cool Kids), Green Lantern, Droop-E, Jay Electronica and more. She is also hosting the second season of her Internet comedy show, "Diva Speak TV" (which she describes as a cross between Dave Chappelle and "The Colbert Report"), and is a commentator on VH1 network. She was recently announced as the new spokeswoman for Karma Loop TV and will be launching a new program called Diva, Diva Y'all on this month. Look out for her performance at SXSW in Austin, TX in March.

**Diva says, "It's as if everything up until '09 has been a rehearsal. I feel like only now is the curtain finally raising for the big show. 2009 is the year. That's the plan. Gooooo 'Bama!!"

Links to Deev:

Monday, January 12, 2009

Fafi Hits the Books... Comic Books that is!

Fafi has given us graffiti inspired paintings, sketches, characters, books, collaborations with Adidas for athletic clothes and kicks, M.A.C. for a sassy line of beauty products, and Le Sportsac for a colorful line of handbags and luggage. Now, Fafi is at it again! Showing us her skills and love for sketching unique dream-like 'fafi girls' and scenarios in her forthcoming comic book! The comic is said to be due out sometime in 2010! Yikes! But to hold you over until then, here is a look at what the comic may look like. ENJOY! I know I will and have!

*also visit the clones for more info.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Top 5 Fave Goodies, 9 days into the New Year!

Okay! So, If I'm really going to do this whole blog thing then I need to get to it! Nine days into the new year and I'm slacking already! Ahh!

I'm pretty much all about spoiling myself. I can't help it.
Over the past two weeks I have come across so many sites that are featuring a lot of cute new jewelry, kicks, and handbags! I'm a sure shot for jumping online and spending away $$ that I'll be making not until the next week! lol! I get it honest from my motha! lol
But yeah!
We all need that extra little something to help us through these harsh cold winter months. Besides, if you don't spoil you, then who will?!
These are My Top 5 Items/Fave Goodies over the past two weeks:






Saturday, January 3, 2009

It's A New Year!...Now what?!

Warning: Non-Organized thoughts ahead......

Its a New Year! Yes I, as do you, know already! But what does that mean exactly? I know it means it's 2009 but really does that change everything? In my opinion, NO! I feel things will be just the same as where they left off.  I'm not being negative here, just honest. No one is going to just go into '09 with a whole new slate. It doesn't work like that.  It will take lots of time to get things straight in some peoples lives, if ever.  

For me things will need at least 6 months to another ye.... hell 2010 ok! lol! Hopefully a day or two before then. 

This is my year to sort and organize my adult life.  Adult life. That sounds so weird for me to say out loud.  I think I'd like to return to last year...well two years ago '07, when I hadn't been assigned the title of being an adult.  I liked being in transition. 
I will be making a big move and starting a new career in 2009 and I am ready for all the challenges and lessons ahead of me! So bring it on '09, Show me what cha workin wit!

Caliente Nike Ad

This is pretty much the hottest ad I've seen lately for clothing! MUY CALIENTE!
It's for Nike's Body by Dance line, geared towards dancers and those alike.

Body by Dance from mannyb on Vimeo.